Tips On How To Create A Great School Website Design


A school website not only acts as a point of contact, but also reflects the institution. Long are gone the days when schools used to get any other website design and assume that it is going to work out. For one, institutions like schools have a lot of information they want to pass to the audiences who are the parents, students, and other interested parties. Without a properly designed website, it may not be easy to pass across the message or information to the intended reader. For example, if a parent wants to find contact for a school on its website and is in a hurry, but the design makes it difficult to get the contact, it means the parent will abandon the website frustrated by the experience he or she has had. So, what really makes a great school website design?

A useful homepage

You don’t want audiences visiting your school’s website only to find that they cannot maneuver the pages properly. A homepage should not only be appealing, but also able to guide the visitor on where to next click without having to grope around the page. When visitors have to linger too long on the homepage of the website, it is likely that they will be confused. A useful homepage is that which is simple, provides quick links, and has calendar of events pages and news pages. You can incorporate images to offer visual communication like upcoming school events.

The social media world

Schools need to create connections with the community and a website can bring out this element clearly by integrating social media. People will look for social media icons mainly in the top navigation area of the website. While you can have these icons placed on the website, they should also ensure easy and quick sharing. So, you may want them placed on all blogs, video content, calendar, and news items as well as all other shareable content. This way, it is easy for visitors to share the content with other people. it will help in promoting the school.

Responsive design

Again, a crucial element in school website designs is making them responsive meaning that they can be accessed through different devices whether a laptop, a desktop computer, or a tablet not forgetting a smartphone. A school website created with responsive design makes it easy for people to view it through email links and social media sites.

Well organized pages

In addition to ensuring easy navigation, you also need to ensure that popular pages can easily be accessed. These pages include the calendar, teacher pages, school pages, and contact directory. Remember that it is not only the parents and students who are using the website, teachers should also have their pages.

If you have a website for your school and have not looked into these elements, you may want it refreshed to integrate them. In case, you are building one from scratch, it is the high time to consider these aspects so that you have an effective school website design that offers simplicity in accessibility and navigation while also maintaining its functionality and appealing look.