The Importance of eBook Covers

There’s a famous saying? Don’t judge a book by its cover? But we all know everyone does. Which is why many a good book written never gets published. Authors can’t come up with a good enough cover that they believe properly represents what the book is all about and believe they do the world a favor by keeping the book to themselves. Or if they ever do publish the book – despite not having a good-looking cover – it never sells. Why? Because the cover didn’t properly represent what the book was all about. Or it simply failed to get the potential customer’s attention. This holds true in the digital world of ebooks as well.

If the ebook cover does not attract its potential reader’s attention, chances of it selling are pretty slim to non-existent. Which is why it is always recommended that one gets a proper ebook cover designed by professional graphic designers. Sure it will cost extra money upfront but the added sales one gets in the end make the initial investment money well spent. Someone once asked ?

if you’re selling an ebook, why do you need an image that looks like a book cover? It’s not like the ebook itself looks anything like that image. As true as that may be, human beings are very visual. Truth is, if there wasn’t an ebook cover representing the ebook, it probably wouldn’t sell the same. So – essentially – the purpose of an ebook cover isn’t so much to represent what the book is all about – although it has to do that as well – its greater purpose is to attract the attention of potential readers.

The best way to find out if an ebook cover will work is to have a couple different ones designed and then show them both to people and see which one got their attention. In marketing it?s called split-testing. As common sense marketing would tell us, it’s not about getting it perfect the first time around, but about testing it and tweaking it until it is perfect. What makes a perfect ebook cover? Crazy high conversions. Sure the sales copy is in charge of closing the sale, but it is the ebook cover that gets the reader to actually read it. Hence, without a decent looking ebook cover, chances of the customer reading the sales page are slim. Having said that, split test and see which ebook cover does its\ job the best. What’s the point of having a perfect looking ebook cover if it doesn’t help convert? It is better to have a half decent one, test it, and tweak it, over and over again until it works.

The brilliance in winning as a marketer is not perfection, but testing!