Hi-tech Packaging

For many people shipping parcels is a straightforward matter, so we don’t need to use anything fancy to transmit them in, or be concerned about monitoring them in great detail as long as they always arrive securely.

Yet there’s a sizable market available for hi-tech packaging, this is often everything from ESD packaging to safeguard electronic aspects of static electricity, to special gel based packaging that is made to supply the best anti-shock treatment possible.

You might not want to use any today, but it’s always useful getting a professional supplier in your mind if you feel you will need it later on.

Specialist packaging in the easiest form frequently takes the form of precision pre-cut foam inserts directly into which you’ll put your goods, supplying the best in protection for the goods. With precision cut foam inserts your goods will stand absolutely no way of getting around within the parcel.

Hi-tech packaging solutions include anti-static (ESD) foam to safeguard electronic components, right through to the most recent “Active” anti-shock systems that may really sense whenever a parcel continues to be dropped.

A comparatively new innovation in packaging is the development of Rf Identification (RFID) tags. They are very small metallic strips which contain all the items information, in the date it had been produced, to who built it, who packed it etc, etc.

Those are the modern form of a barcode only far superior, as unlike a barcode 100s of RFID tags could be read simultaneously. And in contrast to a barcode the RFID readers could be several metres from the package.

Although you could utilize only one RFID tag per parcel for identification reasons, with passive RFID tags beginning at $.05 each, then you might want to consider marking the items you’re shipping. Of note is the fact that in case of a counterfeit goods being made, the main one factor they can’t copy may be the RFID tag. This helps matters in case of a thievery e.g. all of the tags around the goods could be informed as stolen, thus when scanned they’ll flag as such.

With regards to packaging improvements then RFID tags go ahead and take barcode principle one step further. One primary advantage may be the stock could be scanned in without ever getting to spread out the packaging. Which means that you should check what is within the package if you don’t take every item to perform a stock check. So as you can tell packaging is becoming a lot more hi-tech each day.