cPanel Hosting Vs. Non cPanel Hosting – What To Choose And Why

A web based control panel that is Unix based and is used extensively is cPanel. The interface provide is graphical and you even have access to automation tools that are provided to streamline the website hosting procedure. cPanel utilizes a three tier structure which offers a lot of functionality to the administrators, website owners and resellers so that they are able to control many features of the website along with the server.

cPanel offers many features as stated by Inter Server

cPanel Hosting

  • Domain management is its specialty as you can host a single or multiple accounts per account
  • One can make variations to the primary domain name and perform sub domain management
  • Users can also create and manage their personal POP2/IMAP accounts
  • Mail configuration is also offered. When the email is accessed from a desktop client such as Outlook, specific information needs to be provided for it to function. The auto configure option can be utilized for configuring the email application automatically.
  • Website and email owners can create auto responders
  • BoxTrappers is another feature which helps to save your emails from spam mails. This application makes those who are not on your wish list to reply to a verification email prior to you receiving their email.
  • Webmail is another main feature that lets you access your email from anywhere and on any computer by making use of Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail etc.
  • You receive delivery reports
  • You can make use of the mass email accounts feature so that you can make use of 2 types of files to create many forwarders and email addresses for your account. Data can be imported using Excel or comma separated vale sheets (CSV files.


Apart from the GUI interface, cPanel also has command line as well as API based access for the third party vendors, developers and web hosting organizations to automate the standard system administration processes. The design is in such a way that it can function in both the manners, as a dedicated server as well as cPanel VPS. It supports CentOS, FreeBSD, and Red Hat Linux. For application based support, it includes MySQL, Perl, Apache, PHP and BIND (DNS).

Therefore, cPanel offer a host of important and useful features, making it worth the purchase. It is however important that you purchase it from a reliable and secure provider so that there is total security. There are a number of providers, and thus your need to be careful from who you purchase. Security is always a top priority and thus purchase from reliable vendor only.